Recently, Turkey has become one of the leading countries in energy sector and managed to draw attention to many investors. The traders who want to establish business in Turkey, they can start their business under the same conditions with domestic investors. While establishing a business in Turkey in the energy sector, there are some different.. devamı →

Business in Turkey – FAQ ( Setup Company in Turkey‎); Are there any legal barriers during the establishment of a company in Turkey for foreign citizens or companies? (Such as a local partner/manager required) There are no legal barriers for foreign citizens or companies. What are the rates for corporate tax / income tax in Turkey?.. devamı →

Under today’s changing and competitive world conditions, many companies prefer outsourcing services in the accounting and financial affairs fields which needs to be performed legally to provide focusing the staff to their areas of expertise. Our approach while presenting the services to our customers, providing proper services for their changing requirements in cooperation with them.. devamı →

Work Permit in Turkey: When establishing business with foreign partners, it’s required  to apply for working permit for foreign partners and foreign managers of the company. The company must fulfil the below conditions for the working permit. According to the new law, the working permit requirement is abolished in case directors of incorporated companies do not.. devamı →

Set Up Company In Turkey; There are no official restrictions for setting up company in Turkey by foreign partners. The rights granted to Turkish citizens in the establishment of the company and the purchase of shares are valid for the citizens of foreign countries as well. The most important detail about the company with foreign partners is obtaining  working.. devamı →